Erasmus in Schools (EiS) was the flagship project of ESN for 2013 and the main activity within the education pillar of SocialErasmus. The project aims to promote mobility at an early age. Sections organise visits to elementary and secondary schools so that our exchange students can do a wide range of activities that include country and culture presentations, language sessions and mobility promoting activities.

Why Erasmus in Schools?

With EiS we want to:

  • promote the benefits that come havig a study-period abroad
  • preven xenophobia within the schools and develop intercultural 
  • spread an innovative way to learn, based on the direct contact with the different realities
  • increase awareness of the variaty within the Europe as something to take advance of

What do we do?

We organize events within the schools where Erasmus students can share their experiences and introduce the younger students to an international dimension of understanding and comprehension. Bringing the Erasmus Students to the high schools, young students can have a direct contact of what the Erasmus project is.